Getting Into The Ceramic Sanitary Ware Industry

7 months ago, we received a request from a customer who is a big ceramic sanitaryware brand in Europe. As a company, this was a new product category for us. None of us in the company worked with ceramic products before. So how to handle this new project?

We told our customer that we are not experts in ceramics, and we never handled ceramic products! Yes, honesty is the best policy. We told them that we may not know ceramics now, but we can for sure with a proper plan.

Given our experience in sourcing various products in different industries, we know how to do strategic sourcing. We are passionate about new products, and new industries, we learn fast, and we know how to get to the resources and get to the bottom of the product.

Today we are already production and shipment stage of various ceramic washbasin and toilet models. Starting from the beginning today we achieved the required quality level of an A-Brand ceramic sanitary ware company. We are able to achieve their target prices, quality and speed.

So how did we do it? Here is what happened.

It was the time for Canton fair in 2021 October. There were around 100+ suppliers joining the Canton fair offline and maybe 200+ suppliers joining the fair online. Too many to handle. So, we divide and conquer!