Wavee W-1


Wavee CEO John had the idea of a speaker combined with a toothbrush for a long time. A product that can make you dance while you are brushing your teeth, doing make-up, or showering. The uniqueness of the product and the challenges made Wavee team do longer research to find the right team to realize this idea into a product. And that is how Wavee partnered with Mezz Solutions to make this happen.

Bluetooth speakers for bathroom use were in the market for a long time and so the electric toothbrushes. But nobody has ever combined these two into one. This new approach also brought some challenges accordingly. This is how we defined Wavee W-1: Wavee W-1 is a smart speaker and an electric toothbrush system.

The W-1 is IPx5 rated, and Amazon Alexa certified. The toothbrush will typically last a whopping 25 days on a full and the speaker provides up to 8 hours of audio. The toothbrush includes 3 custom brushing modes and a 48,000 RPM motor. Besides, W-1 is equipped with a 30-second quadrant timer and automatically stops after 2 minutes. W-1 fills your bathroom with high-quality Omni-directional sound delivering 10W of output power.

So how did we make it?

We identified the use cases of the product and prepared the right specifications to serve the needs. While our product design team started to work on industrial design, our engineering team started to make the hardware concept prototype. After the prototype was done, we moved onto the tooling stage. During this stage, we continuously improved the hardware and software.

Having Amazon Alexa, one of our biggest challenges was updated requirements from Amazon regarding their Alexa voice assistant system in the middle of our product development. After the DV1 stage, we had to redesign the whole hardware and modify the firmware due to the sudden update of regulations from Amazon. This delay pushed back us 2 months in the project. But that is the risk always when you are working with giants like Amazon, Google, or Apple and it happened once before as well while we were working on a Google Voice Assistant project a long time ago.

Upon the redesign stage is complete, we immediately started the Amazon Alexa certification process and we managed to complete it quickly with the support of our partner test lab in China. While all these were happening, we finished DV2 and PP stages. All the CE, FCC, MFi, Alexa certifications were completed, and we continued with MP.

As W-1 consists of 2 different products, a Bluetooth speaker and an electric toothbrush, it also involved 2 different factories for production. We monitored the production in both facilities and did our quality controls accordingly. After a bit more than 12 months, the product was ready to ship! Our normal dedicated timeline for such complicated projects is usually 8 to 10 months. But some delays cannot be controlled as mentioned above.

This project was one of the most challenging projects for us. It involved 2 different products combining into one, and 2 different factories to coordinate for production. Also working with 3rd parties like Amazon brought its issues. But we always like challenges, they help us to do only better and better.

Finally, both Wavee and we were satisfied with the outcome. We achieved a reliable, high-quality, modern design, unique product with great customer feedback.

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