Well, just contact us and tell us your problem and needs. Our team will respond to you within 24 hours. We will solve it for you!

High quality, on time delivery and fair pricing. We treat your product like our own business. We foresee and solve problems before they even happen and make sure your project is on schedule smoothly.

We can either work with your factory together and improve their quality, solve the problems or we can move your product to another factory which we also have fully quality control on everything so that you don't need to worry about anything. We handle all.

There are many aspects to evaluate the right factory for your business. We can evaluate the factories for you. We visit them, audit them, and provide you a comparison list and find out the best one fitting your business.

Yes, we can. We do complete project management for your orders. We monitor the factory 24/7 and deal with all the details, make sure the factory is on schedule during the entire process.

We pretty much produced, sourced and shipped everything. Except food, and pharmacy.

Even your order is smaller than MOQ, we can handle. We can do small quantity productions, partial shipments, matching with your order planning.

We offer flexible solutions to our customers, either a fixed fee or a rate. Contact us and let's discuss the best option for you.

Yes, we can. We sourced various products from other countries like India, Vietnam, Thailand before for our customers.

Yes, of course you can visit the factory. We are happy to show you our production facilities, so that you won't have any question marks about any part of your project.

Yes, we love it. We have done many product design and development projects in our past and we would love to turn your idea into a great product as well. Our experienced team on product design and engineering will evaluate your idea and provide you all the necessary support during the whole process.

Yes, we can protect your IP for you. We protect your rights not only on paper agreements but also by physical facilities. We can produce your products in our contract manufacturers with isolated production lines and teams far away from your competition.

Once we have the draft design idea, we can provide a quick 3D printing prototype within 2 days! If you need a working prototype, depending on the required functions it can take from 1 to 2 weeks.

Yes, we have in-house product industrial designers, mechanical, electronic and software engineers.

Our team have 15+ years of experience on average for both product design and development. We also have 20+ years of experience in the manufacturing field.

We can design and develop all kind of plastic, metal, hardware products, consumer electronics, home appliances, consumer goods, industrial equipment.