If you have problems with your existing factory or don't know where to manufacture your product, don't worry. We can manufacture for you with desired quality and speed. Over the years, we developed our premium quality contract manufacturer partners helping us to manufacture various products at top-notch quality. And our staff will be monitoring your production on 7/24.

Manufacturing starts the day your project starts. All the design activities, sample stages, and testing are executed for a smooth and successful manufacturing process. Choosing the right factory and choosing the right components/component suppliers, having the hardware and software design made with production in mind, is essential.

In Trome Smart Solutions, we can help you with all stages of manufacturing. We work with our premium quality contract manufacturer partners. If you already have a manufacturer, we can work with your factory and control all the manufacturing processes as well. We check all your materials before the production start, have our staff monitor your production lines before and during the production. Via this approach, you won’t waste time on failed inspections, late deliveries!