Product Design & Prototyping

We turn your idea into a real product. With our expert product design team, provide industrial design, mechanical design services and we also do your prototype samples to verify your design.

Industrial Design: A good product starts with a good design. Not just any industrial design. Beautiful, user-friendly, functional, easy to manufacture. We have highly talented European designers who are specialized in home appliances, consumer electronics, consumer goods, medical devices, industrial products, and so on. Based on your product idea, sales market, branding, we are ready to provide remarkable designs for your product.

Mechanical Design: Besides the beautiful industrial design, the structure should also be designed well thought, carefully. It should be robust and easy to manufacture. We know the importance of this very well. We have designed hundreds of products over the years side by side directly working with the manufacturers. So we know what works well and what doesn’t.

Prototyping: Based on your requirement, either a design mockup or a working prototype (proof of concept), we can provide the right prototype sample as quickly as possible. We usually do a quick 3D printing prototype for the structural design, then once the mechanical design is fixed we provide a higher quality SLA prototype that is close to the mass production product. We can provide different levels of prototypes based on your requirement and purpose. Such as

            A visual prototype: It shows the overall shape and dimensions of your product. Usually, it is not a working sample. And the materials used inside are not the final materials used in mass production. The outlook of the product will be raw material color or can be painted to show the final product.

            Proof-of-concept: This level of prototype provides the key functionality and shows the main technical aspects of the design. Presentation: This kind of prototype while showing the key functionality of the product, is also providing a representation of how the mass-produced product would appear. The materials will be as close as possible to the mass production-grade. Here are some of the products we designed.